Greg plays with the “BAR BAND” at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City

Photo by Dallyn Pavey/Dish PR & Photography

Friday night, Jan 10, 2019, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City. The “Bar Band”, as they are known, put on a performance that had gamblers leaving their tables to see who these performers were. The music was so well put together, so classic, you couldn’t wait to hear the next song, and the next.

The group is a combination of musical super talent from multiple groups and sounds. You all know Greg Davis of course from Beru Revue, Cross Town Traffic, and more. Along with David Uosikkinen from The World Famous “THE HOOTERS”, and the creator of In the Pocket. Kenny Aaronson, a base player like I’ve never heard before playing with Bob Dylan & the Yard Birds, and Steve Butler & Wally Smith from Smash Palace, Cross Town Traffic, and more. Each has a history to read about but the talent… WOW, you just have to see these fellas play. Until the next time, keep an eye on  for updates on performances.



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